Saturday, March 28, 2015

Let's Catch Up

Hey guys! Been awhile.

As I explained on my other blog, I've been pretty busy with... life. In mid-February, I got a new job on top of my other one and that's been keeping me busy. I've been spending some great time with my boyfriend, getting really into Pinterest again, watching some of my favorite shows and movies (as well as new ones), and just overall enjoying life!

With the extra money I've been earning through my new job, I've been saving up to get my boyfriend here. He just got a new job, too. So hopefully it'll all work out! I finally feel like everything is falling into place and I'm really excited for the next two years. 

Along with saving up for him to arrive, I've been buying myself a few things here and there that I've been putting off getting! I bought my first maxi skirt, but that soon turned into four. I am in love. I also finally decided to expand my t-shirt collection thanks to Out of Print Clothing. I've gotten myself two t-shirts during their $20 t-shirt sale. Normally $28, I thought it was worth it, considering I got 20% off on top of that! They should be arriving sometime next week. I'm really stoked. :) I'm planning on getting a few totes and pouches in the next coming months from them. I think they'll look great with my maxi skirts! I also got a free pair of sandals thanks to Keep. They arrived today and are great.

On a more... work related note. My day at work yesterday started off pretty great. Fantastic, actually. But about six hours in, things happened. I'm nervous and worried... sick in the stomach just thinking about it. I really hope all turns out well. It was an honest error, but I'm not sure how people will feel about it. Sigh. I'm trying not to let it get me down and hoping it all works out.

So that's my life within the last two months. Hope all is well. ♥

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