Friday, June 5, 2015

16. 15. 13.

Sixteen days, fifteen hours, thirteen minutes.

That's the moment that my boyfriend steps off the plane. That's the moment that my summer will begin. That's the moment that I've been waiting nearly six months for... and that's the moment that I fall in love all over again.

We're going to spend a wonderful eighty eight days together. The entire summer, essentially. Fourth of July, fishing, antique shops, Florida, mini-golfing, afternoon movies, long walks, late night diner visits, jigsaw puzzles, slushies, flea markets, Roku-watching, amusement parks, fireworks, breakfast in bed... all that and more is on our summer to-do list. I can't wait.

Since he last left in January, the last several months have been filled with good morning texts, mystery gifts, long Skype calls, watching movies together, and falling asleep while giggling. Though my boyfriend is over 3,430 miles away, we make it work. I feel so incredibly love, moreso each and every day. 

I would love to have him close by. I'd love to wake up next to him every single day, but I know that it's going to take a bit longer than I'd like. We're looking into getting his visa so he can move here within the next year or so. I know it'll all be worth the wait. 

Until then, it's those lovely Facebook messages, those tweets to each other, and those nights where we watch movies together and fall asleep with our headsets on. But hey, at least I have the summer to look forward to. ♥

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